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Drugmakers: Take a Note From P&G, and Generate Some Goodwill

Drugmakers: Take a Note From P&G, and Generate Some Goodwill

Not too long ago, at Digital Pharma East in Philadelphia, an amazing idea dawned on me. This happened in the wake of several presentations, including a no-holds-barred, how-did-we-let-it-get-this-bad, in-your-face exploration of recent PR industry blunders. Read: Valeant, Turing, and Mylan by Heartbeat Ideas’ Bill Drummy. Public opinion of the pharma...

Hale Advisors - 5 questions raised at the fdas off-label hearing

5 questions raised at the FDA’s off-label hearing

One physician believes that changing regulations to allow off-label communications would mean there is less of an incentive for drugmakers to take their therapies through the FDA approval process. That view and others were shared Wednesday at the first day of the FDA’s public hearing to solicit input from pharma...

Hale Advisors - Allowing off-label data would do more to protect public health

Allowing Off-Label Data Would Do More to Protect Public Health

As we all know, there are a lot of products successfully prescribed for off-label use, including those used for pediatric purposes without pediatric indications, aspirin prophylaxis for coronary disease in high-risk patients, and almost half of all treatments for headache-related diagnoses. And since I’m going to be speaking at the...

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