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Hale Advisors - Allowing off-label data would do more to protect public health

Allowing Off-Label Data Would Do More to Protect Public Health

As we all know, there are a lot of products successfully prescribed for off-label use, including those used for pediatric purposes without pediatric indications, aspirin prophylaxis for coronary disease in high-risk patients, and almost half of all treatments for headache-related diagnoses. And since I’m going to be speaking at the...

Zoe Dunn, Hale Advisors - MM&M Digital Publications

How Mobile Needs to Meet Customers’ Expectations

In the not too distant past, mobile was an optional marketing channel for pharma. That just isn’t the case anymore. Neither is social. Or even the Internet (it is 2016 after all). My point? Recently, I participated in a leadership exchange at MM&M’s office where the main topic was how...

Thoughts on Last Month’s SxSW

Thoughts on Last Month’s SxSW

      What can I say, SxSW is a big festival, complete with millions of gallons of complementary alcoholic beverages and tech hipsters everywhere you turn. It’s a party to celebrate our digital age, and it also brings together some of the brightest minds. While it can be totally...

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