Five Awesome Pharma Display Ads

I know, I know, does anyone ever really say they like seeing display ads? Thankfully, we’re past the days of pop-up ads swarming our screens. But, with digital growing better and more innovative every day, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating dynamic, engaging ads, even for pharma. I’ve collected five of my favorite ads to feed your inspiration. Enjoy!

1. Expandable Ad Unit with Video – HUMULIN

Video is highly engaging, and this ad doesn’t require any clicks for the ad to expand. A user could accidentally hover and then see the video, easily engaging with the brand.

2. Expandable Leaderboard Ad Unit with Video – TRULICITY

No, I’m not biased toward expandable video ads (even though they ARE awesome!). The user needs to click on this ad before interacting with the content. But, unlike the previous example, there are several “tabs” of content for the user to click through and engage with – all the information I need without having to go anywhere else to get it!

3. Expandable Leaderboard Ad Unit with Video – TECFIDERA

Why I love it: Again, this is just a fantastically executed expandable unit with video. This one only requires the user to hover over the ad for it to expand, and it has two great calls to action (CTAs) to drive the user to other digital tactics. It’s multichannel marketing at its best.

4. Large Scale Expandable Ad Unit w/ Video – ENTYVIO

The video is large and of course, the content is great. I’ve always been a sucker for patient stories and learning about a medication through the eyes of a real person. Multiple patient stories ensure greater engagement and greater choice because customers can listen to the patient story that most resonates with them.

5. 2-in-1 Ad Unit – HARVONI + EPCLUSA

Although this ad might be as “shiny” as the expandable video, I like the idea of combining two brands with the same indication into one banner ad. Saving spend just really makes my heart happy. Props to Gilead on this one.

So many options!

There are so many opportunities to better engage with your customers with display advertising.  Your brands can interact with customers directly within an ad by providing interesting, valuable video content. Ever thought about allowing users to complete conference registration forms directly within the ad? Or what about a fun in-ad game to encourage engagement? It’s time to get creative!

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Note: This article represents the unbiased opinion of the Hale Advisors team and is not representative of current or past clients or affiliation with these projects or campaigns. Imagery is from public sources and is owned by the associated organization.

Tina Niemynski
Tina has over 12 years’ experience in graphic and web design/development and animation and 5 years’ experience in digital strategy. She holds an A.S. in Advertising Design & Graphic Technology from SUNY Ulster, a B.A. in Graphic Design from SUNY College at Oneonta and an M.F.A in Media Design from Full Sail University.

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