Five Social Media Monsters You Should Be Terrified Of This Halloween

It’s that time of year again – Happy Halloween!

What’s more frightening than ghosts, ghouls, and goblins? Why… social media of course! And, unlike Halloween, social media monsters, are lurking under your desk every single day. Here are the five social media “monsters” you should be especially terrified of:

1. Adverse Events on Social Media

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AHHH! Adverse Events (AEs) are coming for us all! If only we had a pharmacovigilance team with a standard reporting protocol for processing AEs.

2. Trolls, Bullies and Malicious Comments

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What do we do? Do we delete it? Write back? Beg for mercy? We don’t have a pre-approved response matrix for handling these types of comments on social media. Pull the covers over your head and hide, because we’re doomed!

3. Lack of Marketing Resources

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We’re drowning in messages, comments and questions. Why oh why didn’t we plan ahead and dedicate specific people and time for managing our social media accounts?!

4. Bad Content for Social Media

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What do our customers want? We’ve shared our TV spot and no one liked it!

5. Ourselves

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We’re really missing out. Why are we holding ourselves back from engaging in the social space? Consequently, are we our own worst enemies when it comes to digital excellence and engaging with our customers in a meaningful way?

It’s Time to Face Our Fears

Werewolves can be defeated with silver bullets and vampires with a wooden stake. You know enough about Halloween to see that there is no monster too frightening or powerful to overcome. The same applies to social media.

You can defend against AEs by triaging them through the standard pharmacovigilance protocol your teams already have in place.

A response matrix with responses pre-approved by your legal and regulatory teams takes the guesswork out of handling trolls, bullies and malicious content.

If the monster in your closet is a lack of resources, consider developing governance to detail roles and responsibilities and processes for managing your social accounts.

You can slay bad content with a detailed editorial calendar specifying what content to push when and ensuring plenty of time to develop new content. In addition, the “bad content monster” has a second weakness – planning. Consider planning ahead to capture any video content you’ll utilize on social at the same time as your DTC TV commercials. This not only saves time but ensures your message is consistent across the board.

Marketers, you have the tools to conquer social media monsters; face your fears and use them.

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Tina Niemynski
Tina has over 12 years’ experience in graphic and web design/development and animation and 5 years’ experience in digital strategy. She holds an A.S. in Advertising Design & Graphic Technology from SUNY Ulster, a B.A. in Graphic Design from SUNY College at Oneonta and an M.F.A in Media Design from Full Sail University.

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