Five Times the Healthcare Industry Made Us Giggle

A lot of the time we see pharma ads that are melancholy. You know the ads I’m talking about. The ones that prey on your symptoms and pain. Some feature patient stories and struggles or even scare tactics. But these healthcare companies took a different route and used humor to promote their messages: 

1. The Poo Song – NHS Scotland 


See the video here: 

Try to keep a straight face when watching this one! The Poo Song is about getting younger people to remind their older family members to test their bowels with an athome kit. The video was hosted on YouTube, shared on social media, and the song was broadcast on the radio. It received the IPA Best of Health Award.   

 2. #checkyourcolon– HCB Health

Colon cancer is no joke, but I couldn’t help but giggle at this one. HCB Health developed the #checkyourcolon campaign to raise awareness of colorectal cancer and how colonoscopies can provide early detection. The campaign included a YouTube video, print advertisements and a guerilla marketing campaign. The guerilla marketing aspect took place in Austin, TX, where one of HCB’s offices is located. Around Father’s Day, HCB placed magnetic covers, like the one shown above, on manholes across the city.  

See the YouTube video here: 

3. Dancing Fentanyl Rap – Insys Therapeutics Inc. 

Watch the video here: 

Originally created in 2015 for an internal sales meeting, the video resurfaced due to a lawsuit against the organization. While the lawsuit is no laughing matter, the video sure is. Changing A$AP Rocky’s F***ing Problem lyrics to “I love titrations, yeah it’s not a problem” had us cracking up.  

4. No More Hair More You – Clear + Brilliant pelo™ + Solta Medical 

After the launch of a new laser hair-removal device, Solta Medical launched “No More Hair More You.” This multichannel campaign features numerous funny quips and puns. The campaign, targeting millennials and the LGBTQ community, included short video ads and a website. Humor is especially effective in this case because of the target audience’s habits and preferences. Millennials love memes, so humor is a great tactic to reach them. 

5. AphukenbrakE – The Dad 

Warning: Explicit Language. Watch Here: 

Okay, okay. So, this one is a parody. But, you’ve got to admit it’s hilarious. If you are a parent, you can probably relate. Here at Hale, we developed some fictitious brands for our digital competency programs, like Moticaff, indicated for Not a Morning Person” Disorder, or PhoneRX for Adolescent Phone Obsession. But let’s be honest; this one takes the cake.  

Let’s have some fun! 

As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Humor may not be appropriate for all therapeutic areas, but if you think it would work for your brand, why not give it a whirl? I hope you found these five examples chuckle-worthy. If you’ve got some humorous content to share, drop it in the comments!  

This article represents the unbiased opinion of the Hale Advisors team and is not representative of current or past clients or affiliation with these projects or campaigns. Imagery is from public sources and is owned by the associated organization. 

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Tina Niemynski
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