How Pharma Can Align its Charitable Giving With Business

In 2013, Edelman published a study, brandshare, which identified that “91% of respondents said they want to do business with brands that share their beliefs. In addition, nearly half of respondents want brands to be more transparent about how products are sourced and manufactured and just over 4 in 10 want brands to do more to give back to their communities.”

While most people feel that aligning values with products and services is only relevant for consumer products, we believe that it is true for pharmaceuticals as well. The mission of most pharmaceutical companies is to help improve lives and care for people. Yes, these companies give a lot in terms of products and services, but that is done on a corporate or foundational level and is typically not transparent to the end consumer. It is our belief that there are plenty of opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to position their brands – not just their parent company – as compassionate, caring, and generous, and align their charitable giving with their business.

Hear more about what pharmaceutical companies can do in this discussion between Beth Bengtson, founder and principal of Hale Advisors, Janet Carlson, managing director/partner of One Eleven Group, and moderator Richie Etwaru, Chief Digital Officer at Cegedim.

To watch the full interview on YouTube:

Beth Bengtson
Beth, co-founder and principal of Hale Advisors, has more than 15 years of experience in healthcare, digital media, and interactive strategic communications, working on both agency and client sides for Fortune 500 and small clients alike. Her focus has been on helping clients evolve their organizations through a broad understanding of the impact of digital on their lives and thus business practices. Beyond her client work, Beth has taught college-level marketing and spoken at conferences and for clients on the topics of digital marketing and sustainability communications in the healthcare industry.

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