Is Guidance Stifling Social Media?


Each month, MM&M asks a group of industry experts their opinion on a hot topic. This month’s question was “Is guidance stifling social media?” Recent FDA draft guidance was meant to help companies create FDA compliant tweets and handle third-party misinformation on the web. What other obstacles lie in the path of effective social media use?

Although there were differing views, general consensus is that yes, the FDA’s guidance is stifling social media. In fact, our opinion is that there are just too many obstacles to make branded social media worthwhile for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Zoe Dunn
Zoe Dunn, President and CEO of Hale Advisors, is a digital marketing and communications specialist with over twenty years of experience in the field. She has extensive experience in both the agency and commercial marketing side of the pharmaceutical, medical devices, and biotech industries.

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