Is pharma missing its social media moment?

Here’s a snippet of a conversation I had about seven years ago with a particularly nervous promotional review team that was considering the value of developing a presence on Twitter: “If we create a profile and all these people follow us, and all these people post adverse events, how will we ever keep up?”

“Oh, please, who do you think you are?” I replied, “Ashton Kutcher? Trust me, you are not that popular. You are a pharma company, albeit one under intense scrutiny, but don’t you have a pharmacovigilance group? Is it not its job to process AEs? We’ll just gather whatever information we can or triage them to your 1-800 number, just as we do with every other AE.”


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Zoe Dunn
Zoe Dunn, President and CEO of Hale Advisors, is a digital marketing and communications specialist with over twenty years of experience in the field. She has extensive experience in both the agency and commercial marketing side of the pharmaceutical, medical devices, and biotech industries.

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