Is The Current Agency Model a Joke?

Zoe.sm_As an agency veteran myself, I feel mostly qualified to critique the current agency model. There are so many talented professionals who work for agencies. But the client/agency relationship is dysfunctional, and we need to fix it! Ultimately everyone will benefit: clients will get more of what they need, agencies will be more profitable, the work will improve, and customers will have deeper confidence in brands.

But what is the best way to fix the problem? Simple. Agencies must get out of the strategy business.

The problem with strategy in the agency casino online model: it”s too self-serving. It”s a built-in conflict of interest. Let”s say you are a digital agency evaluating appropriate communication channels and tactics against your client”s business objectives. It”s impossible for you to recommend programs that are not digitally based. Why? Because you cannot fulfill on a print campaign, for example. So you bring your strategist to a meeting with the brand team and recommend a strategy that centers on, say, a mobile app. But is that really what”s most effective for the target audience or best for the brand? Perhaps, but perhaps not. And either way, your view is limited.

Read the full story, Is Your Current Agency Model a Joke?, on MM&M’s website or check out the Back Talk section of the November issue.

Zoe Dunn
Zoe Dunn, President and CEO of Hale Advisors, is a digital marketing and communications specialist with over twenty years of experience in the field. She has extensive experience in both the agency and commercial marketing side of the pharmaceutical, medical devices, and biotech industries.

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