Improve Compliance and Reduce Risk

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies must abide by a myriad of regulations, but a lot of the current guidance is broad and doesn’t provide clear frameworks and actionable guidelines for digital communication platforms and channels. As a result, pharmaceutical and medical device marketers are often reluctant to try new tactics, even if it best serves their business objectives and their audience’s needs. Well-defined frameworks and guidelines empower marketers to work effectively within new and existing platforms and channels.  

The frameworks we create focus on the platform – such as  social media or advertising – and the elements (such as sharing for social media) that exist for all channels within the platform. Our guidelines dive into the nuances of a specific channel (such as Twitter or Facebook) and provide guardrails for brand teams to work within for each channel.



Hale Advisors works with clients to develop governance across all digital platforms and channels. We work with brand marketers, medical/legal/regulatory groups, and communications departments to ensure they have a clear roadmap for how to execute their marketing strategies and tactics across the different platforms and within each marketing channel. 


  • "Hale Advisors defines and solves the challenge at hand to the highest possible standard as quickly as possible. They want to understand the why and the what, always challenging us to be more holistic in our approach to solving a problem. They help get to the root problem to find as effective a solution as possible. Their extreme versatility is such that I’d consider them for most things, especially things that involve my own reputation."
    SANOFIFormer Vice President and Head of Global Digital Strategy