Three Pharma Search Ads with Sitelinks

On some paid search ads, you may notice more links below the description. These lower links are what Google refers to as “sitelinks.” These links are not guaranteed to display. However, when they do, they offer a simple way for searchers to click directly to specific content within your site.

Providing your customers with the information most relevant to them, as quickly as possible, starts with search. On top of that, sitelinks typically improve CTR from 10-20% and up to 50% when your brand is searched. Sitelinks, especially those with descriptions, give you considerably more real estate on the search engine results page (SERP), making click-through more likely. But which landing pages should you use? Here are some examples of what other brands are doing:

1. Sitelinks: EVZIO – Kaleo

EVZIO - Kaleo Sitelinks

EVZIO uses sitelinks to quickly direct customers to these landing pages. After searching for cost savings, a user can access information about the EVZIO2YOU cost savings program in just one click. In other instances, up to four links show up and include the link to the EVZIO email registration page. The cost savings and email program both have the potential to offer customers real value. So, it makes sense to highlight those pages on Google.

2. Sitelinks on mobile: ENTRESTO – Novartis

ENTRESTO - Novartis Sitelinks

The mobile ad for ENTRESTO shows four sitelinks. Notice how the ad takes up nearly the entire screen. That is valuable real estate that without sitelinks, would include other websites, possibly even your competitors. Cost savings are always valuable to your customers, but this ad also includes a link to patient stories. Hearing testimonials and experiences from real people on your therapy is a great way to encourage customers in the consideration phase to request your brand at their next doctor’s visit.

3. Link to download co-pay card: LYRICA – Pfizer

LYRICA - Pfizer Sitelinks

The paid search ad for LYRICA is particularly effective. Rather than having sitelinks point to information about cost savings or a program, it offers a downloadable co-pay card. Searchers can easily click through and in moments have a co-pay savings card in their hands. This quick convenience is ideal for both desktop and mobile users and provides value to the customer almost instantly.

Getting Started with Sitelinks

There is no additional cost to run sitelinks on both desktop and mobile. The cost you normally pay when your ad is clicked is the same if someone clicks a sitelink. You can set up multiple links and let Google’s search algorithm determine which links are most relevant to each query. Sitelinks can even be scheduled and help drive people to your webinars or events.

To set up sitelinks, work with your analytics partners to determine the pages users visit or engage with most. You want there to be solid evidence to support the reasoning behind which links you choose. Next, be sure to contact your search agency partners or IT team to set up or edit the links in your Google Adwords account. But don’t “set it and forget it.” As with any digital tactic, you’ll want to track how well these links perform and update/optimize regularly.

This article represents the unbiased opinion of the Hale Advisors team and is not representative of current or past clients or affiliation with these projects or campaigns. Imagery is from public sources and is owned by the associated organization. 

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Tina Niemynski
Tina has over 12 years’ experience in graphic and web design/development and animation and 5 years’ experience in digital strategy. She holds an A.S. in Advertising Design & Graphic Technology from SUNY Ulster, a B.A. in Graphic Design from SUNY College at Oneonta and an M.F.A in Media Design from Full Sail University.

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