Time to Rethink the Pharma Brand Website?

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As pharmaceutical brand marketers start using new channels like mobile and social media, they often overlook a traditional digital property that might be working against them: their own brand websites.

Digital has evolved to encompass more channels than ever, and it’s time to challenge the role of a brand’s website. Brands have been building one-stop disease and treatment sites since the dawn of the Internet, but is that really what is needed these days with authoritative online resources such as Medline and the NIH sites?

Pharma companies should only be educating on what they know best – their brands. They should get out of the business of disease education unless it relates to treatment with their drug.

Read the article in its entirety in PM360’s May issue.

Beth Bengtson
Beth, co-founder and principal of Hale Advisors, has more than 15 years of experience in healthcare, digital media, and interactive strategic communications, working on both agency and client sides for Fortune 500 and small clients alike. Her focus has been on helping clients evolve their organizations through a broad understanding of the impact of digital on their lives and thus business practices. Beyond her client work, Beth has taught college-level marketing and spoken at conferences and for clients on the topics of digital marketing and sustainability communications in the healthcare industry.