Two Critical Success Factors for Marketing Excellence

Lithuania Excellence ConceptHow do brands know when they have achieved “Marketing Excellence?” Your product sales are blazing? Your company name is in the media regularly (in a good way), and you are growing by leaps and bounds? Yes, that’s part of it, but marketing excellence is not just about whether your marketing looks cool. Or sounds good. Or tells a great story.

For truly exceptional marketing, brands must focus both on providing immediate opportunities to impact sales, while also focusing on long-term needs. But how do brand teams do it? By strengthening their commitment to innovation while also striving for deeper long-term relationships with their patient communities.

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Zoe Dunn
Zoe Dunn, President and CEO of Hale Advisors, is a digital marketing and communications specialist with over twenty years of experience in the field. She has extensive experience in both the agency and commercial marketing side of the pharmaceutical, medical devices, and biotech industries.

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