When Sales Force Met Marketing

Sigh. Who doesn’t love fairy tales? I’ve been inspired by Frozen, I have to admit. So I’ll begin: Once upon a time, reps (or pharmaceutical representatives/detail “men”) ruled the roost, so to speak.
scaleFor the pharmaceutical manufacturers, it was the same refrain: “sample it and they will come.” It worked—sales forces infiltrated, companies grew, launching more resources to develop more and better products. And so this sales force continued to be the focus of marketing budgets time and again

Then things changed, as they inevitably do: competition increased, regulations became stricter (no more trips to Hawaii!), and every move came under a microscope. Even the pens and notepads were tinged with blight. Doctors shut down and turned away.

Read the full story, When Sales Force Met Marketing, on MM&M’s website.

Zoe Dunn
Zoe Dunn, President and CEO of Hale Advisors, is a digital marketing and communications specialist with over twenty years of experience in the field. She has extensive experience in both the agency and commercial marketing side of the pharmaceutical, medical devices, and biotech industries.

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