Suzanne Yallum

Project Manager

Project and process management are vital keys to an organization’s continued success. Without them – you’ve got chaos and who wants that? As a 20+ year Project Management pro, I keep people and projects moving forward. And if things get off track, which happens from time to time, I will rally the troops! I’ll get current information out to the right people or get the right people on a call to discuss next steps and I’ll work out a new timeline for internal/client deliverables — you get the idea! I will troubleshoot any problems, big or small, and come up with a plan to get things moving again. I love a good plan!!! And, I do it all with a smile and a good sense of humor! 

When I’m not working, I’m either out and about with friends and family or…I’m probably buried underneath a pile of 4 happy cats at home.

Photo of Josie Grant sitting on dark blue couch, looking away from the camera, and smiling.