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No one ever said governance was sexy – but it’s the blueprint for everything you do. And your marketing potential is endless when you have the right guardrails in place.


With the right governance, you can establish consistent processes and procedures across your organization. And that means your brand teams can get their campaigns in market faster and your promotional review team will appreciate the smooth, efficient processes.


  • Governance Board Structures
  • Processes/Workflows
  • Guideline Development
  • Training for Promotional Reviewers
  • Change Management
  • Internal Communications
  • Digital Upskilling
  • Audit Process Documents
  • Governance Board Structures
  • Processes/Workflows
  • Guideline Development
  • Change Management
  • Internal Communications
  • Digital Upskilling
  • Training for Promotional Reviewers
  • Audit Process Documents
Marketing governance helps you get ahead of your competitors and be first in line for customers’ attention. The results?
Better outcomes across programs, budgets, and the company.

Lindsay Acrish, Account Manager



Discovery & Recommended Approach

Gather, review, and assess existing governance, including all guidelines, policies, accountabilities, and decision-making authority.

Develop Guidelines, Process & Framework

Develop a framework that includes standard guidelines and procedures that apply across all of the company’s digital touchpoints.

Educational Rollout & Internal Communications

Support the newly established frameworks via workshops, intranet communications, custom e-learning modules, or a blended learning environment.

Hale Advisors excels at helping to get senior leader buy-in on complex topics like governance.


– AVP, Communications & Digital Innovation

Hale Advisors’ depth of expertise in governance allowed us to get started quickly, while also having the flexibility to adapt the programs to fit the unique requirements of our organization.


–  Sr. Director, CF Global Marketing

The Hale Advisors team took typically boring work – training materials – and creatively brought it to life.


– Lead, Digital Operations Global Public Affairs


  • Social Media Pages/Posts & Advertising (TW, LI, IG, FB)
  • E-mail & CRM
  • Websites & Mobile
  • Mobile Apps
  • Search (Paid & SEO)
  • Analytics
  • Emerging Technology
  • Veeva Auto Claims *HOT*
  • Veeva Linking & Anchoring *HOT*
  • YouTube & Video
  • Banner Ads
  • TikTok
  • Interactive Content
  • Omnichannel Marketing *HOT*
  • Modular Content
  • Understanding Brand Claims
  • PRC Processes
  • Third-Party Websites & Apps
  • Third-Party Email
  • Marketing in the Digital World


  • Doximity
  • Epocrates
  • Medscape
  • Sermo
  • Skipta
  • Healthcasts
  • PeerDirect
  • ReachMD
  • Populous Health
  • PatientPoint
  • Phressia
  • EverydayHealth
  • PharmaConnect
  • Aptus Health
  • BioPharm
  • Figure1