Anne Kenney

Head of Marketing

Even as I kid, I loved brands. From the first moment an ad brought me to tears, I became fascinated, not just by how brand communications and experiences could move people, but by how they could move people to action. Technology has given brands the tremendous ability to be of service to humanity by surrounding their products with information, education and experiences that empower people to be their best. And nowhere is this relevance more important and necessary than healthcare.

A problem-solver and opportunity creator, I have spent my career partnering with teams at Bristol-Myers Squibb, GSK, Pfizer, Novartis and others on critical marketing programs and transformations that create that value for customers and patients. At Hale, we help you assure these programs are at once innovative and compliant.

I believe in possibilities, people, co-creation, service, and the magical power of One Degree. I will see your big picture and all its complex parts and help move you from goals to growth. Got time for a virtual coffee? Let’s talk!

Photo of Anne Kenney outside with her hands in her front pockets and leaning back onto building wall with vines