About Us

A WBENC-Certified, Woman-Owned Consultancy

Moving Your Digital Marketing Forward Since 2010

We get asked this a lot, so before you ask, no – there is no “Mr. Hale”. We chose the name, Hale Advisors, based on the Old English definition of Hale: strong and in good health.

Located in the historic Hudson Valley of New York, we offer the expertise you need with the personal touch you deserve. Think boutique-y, but with big consultant chops. But, we’re not just PowerPoints and big ideas. We take those big ideas and turn them into real results. We do the thinking and the hard work.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Hearty Culture

    We are dedicated to investing in and listening to the needs of our people. We help our people thrive both in and out of work.

  • Healthy Partnerships

    The strongest partnerships are rooted in mutual respect and strong communications. This leads to better outcomes and lasting relationships.

  • Thriving Community

    Giving back helps to grow healthier communities. Since day one, giving back has always been a core pillar of our vision and mission.

What Sets Us Apart

Life Sciences

We focus on this industry exclusively.


We live and breathe digital every day.


We know how to navigate compliantly.


Marketing is at the core of all that we do.