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The stakes are high for life sciences marketing, where innovation and compliance are essential. Find ideas at work in our latest thinking on marketing innovation and governance.


The essential new pharma reference

A deep dive on implementing omnichannel and modular content in pharma and considerations for preparing promotional review for the change.

Citation: Dunn Z. Navigating the shift to omnichannel marketing. Regulatory Focus. Published online 25 January 2024.


Preparing Promotional Review for Omnichannel Marketing.

The on-demand DIA webinar with FDA and Hale Advisors

Omnichannel experts Jason Cober from FDA and Zoë Dunn explain omnichannel and modular content in pharma. Learn how to amend your promotional review and OPDP submission processes and prepare review teams to transition to modular content. Recorded March 12, 2024, at DIA’s Advertising and Promotion Regulatory Affairs Conference.


Is Omnichannel Even Right For Pharma?

The MM+M interview

Zoë Dunn and MM+M Editor-in-chief Larry Dobrow break down the current state of omnichannel in pharma and how companies can leverage industry lessons in their change roadmap.


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