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Streamline promotional review and get faster MLR approvals with our industry-leading solutions.

Marketing Governance
Benchmarking & Action Plan.

Can your marketing governance withstand today’s complicated marketing demands? Is it updated for innovations like modular and AI-generated content? Does it prevent or enable brands to be effective and competitive?

What we’ll do:

  • Benchmark your governance against three blinded, case-matched life sciences companies
  • Assess standard set of ten points across people, process, and technology dimensions
  • Diagnose performance issues and opportunities in five key insights
  • Analyze existing SOPs, guidelines, tools, and workstreams, including MLR inflows and outflows
  • Evaluate stakeholders’ understanding of roles and responsibilities
What you’ll get:

  • Report of findings
  • Action plan: recommendations summary, implementation roadmap, and project plan

$47,500 per market/region | ≤ 8 weeks

Marketing Governance

Are your marketing and promotional review teams aligned and working well together? How do you lead them to unified decisions? Does your process encourage and manage compliant use of new channels and platforms?

What we’ll do:

  • Establish governance strategy, model, values, and remit
  • Identify governance board members, roles, and responsibilities
  • Define charter and ways of working, including MLR in/outflows
  • Document processes for guidelines development, amendment, approval, and socialization
  • Support framework implementation and launch
What you’ll get:

  • Marketing Governance Framework

This engagement is best informed by a Marketing Governance Benchmarking & Action Plan.

$120,000 | ≤ 16 weeks

Marketing Guidelines.

Do your marketing and promotional review teams have clear, current marketing guidelines? Do the guidelines simplify the teams’ decisions? Do they address boxed warnings, branded versus unbranded, and variable and modular content?

What we’ll do:

  • Gain stakeholder consensus and document company-wide guidelines for channels and activities (e.g., Social Media Influencer Engagement, Responsive Search, Rep-Triggered Emails, Correction of Misinformation, etc.)
    • First guidelines document – $45,000 | ≤ 16 weeks
    • Second and additional guidelines documents (within a continuous 12-month period) – $35,000 | ≤ 16 weeks
    • Revisions and updates to existing Hale-authored guidelines (per document) – $15,000 | ≤ 12 weeks
What you’ll get:

  • Guidelines document(s)

Marketing Governance
Starter Pack.

Have you completed your Governance benchmarking and developed a clear action plan? Your most efficient next step is bundling the development of your Marketing Governance Framework and Marketing Guidelines.

What we’ll do:

  • Execute the Marketing Governance Framework plus three Marketing Guidelines for your priority digital channels
  • Guidelines work begins after initiating the Framework and proceeds simultaneously
What you’ll get:

  • Marketing Governance Framework
  • Three Guidelines documents

$220,000  |  ≤ 16 weeks + guidelines

Change Management Plan.

Is governance embedded in your marketing culture? Do marketers view governance as a rules enforcer or an enabler of innovation? How do teams learn about new MLR decisions, guidelines, and amendments? Are you achieving high rates of uptake and sustaining change?

What we’ll do:

  • Benchmark your communications and training approach and materials
  • Assess standard set of three points across people, process, and technology dimensions
  • Diagnose performance issues and opportunities in five key insights
What you’ll get:

  • Report of findings
  • Action plan: summary of communication and training recommendations and implementation roadmap

$55,000  |  ≤ 12 weeks

Training & Upskilling
for Team Readiness.

Are your teams knowledgeable and competent in omnichannel, modular and GenAI content, and channels? Do you have up-to-date training on claims, modular content, and CFL? Does onboarding include marketing governance and guidelines?

What we’ll do:
Create training on your chosen topic(s) in your preferred format:

  • 10-minute interactive eModule training suitable for self-administration on an LMS
  • 20-minute Q&A live webinar
  • 30 to 40-minute live or recorded presentation webinar
What you’ll get:

  • Self-administered eModule(s) or live/recorded webinar(s)

Pricing will vary based on project specifications. Non-English language translations are available upon request.

Starting at $25,000  |  ≤ 18 weeks

Marketing Governance Fundamentals eModules

  • Fundamentals of Claims
    Learn to apply key concepts like explicit vs. implied claims, labeling, substantial evidence, and fair balance
  • Fundamentals of Modular Content
    Gain a working knowledge of core definitions, module development, business rules, templates, and claims and components libraries
  • Fundamentals of CFL
    Become skilled in FDA’s three factors, CFL communications, evidentiary support, and CFL best practices


Available now for light customization.

Modular Content
Readiness Assessment.

Do you have clear roles, responsibilities, and processes for modular development, review, and submission? Are your marketing and PRC teams upskilled and ready to execute modules, matrices, business rules, and templates?

What we’ll do:
Assess the organization’s current state of readiness for modular content and recommend where change management can impact your success.

  • Host one-hour state of the industry and strategy session with Zoë Dunn
  • Inventory recent, current, and planned pilots and initiatives
  • Determine the state and use of technology for modular content review
  • Evaluate existing RACI matrix of roles, responsibilities, and processes
  • Interview up to five stakeholders to assess modular content knowledge levels
  • Map internal communications channels and key terms
  • Identify gaps in tracked marketing operations metrics
What you’ll get:

  • Summary of Readiness Assessment findings
  • Initial recommendations for communications and training plans

Starting at $45,000 | ≤8 weeks

Change Management Essential
Communications Plan.

Is your organization aligned on the goals, benefits, and roadmap for omnichannel and modular content? Are your change communications consistent and compelling to all stakeholders? Is your approach creating meaningful behavior change?

What we’ll do:
Informed by a Modular Content Readiness Assessment or equivalent materials, we will:

  • Develop message maps by stakeholder group
  • Review examples of past successful communications
  • Create an internal communications channel plan and editorial calendar
  • Generate activation and support plans for leadership, influencers, and champions
  • Recommend stakeholder feedback opportunities
What you’ll get:

  • Action plan: summary of communications recommendations and implementation roadmap

This engagement is best informed by a Modular Content Readiness Assessment.

Starting at $55,000 | ≤ 12 weeks

MLR and Marketing Training for Readiness.

Are your teams confident executing omnichannel and modular content? Are they proficient users of active or planned content management and automation technologies? Are they trained on Modular Content and Claims fundamentals?

What we’ll do:

  • Create lightly customized training in your preferred format on your chosen topic(s) from our training library
    • 30 to 40-minute live or recorded presentation webinar
    • 30 to 40-minute presentation in a workshop setting
What you’ll get:

  • Training presentation(s)

Non-English language translations are available upon request.

Starting at $25,000 | ≤ 18 weeks