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Streamline promotional review and get faster MLR approvals with our industry-leading solutions.

Marketing Governance Benchmarking
& Action Plan

Is your governance framework purpose-built for today’s complicated, data-driven marketing? Does it enable brands to reach customers and patients safely and effectively with competitive marketing? Do all stakeholders understand how to operate within it? Is it optimized to leverage innovations like new channels and AI-generated content?

What we’ll do:

  • Benchmark your governance against three blinded, case-matched life sciences companies
  • Assess standard set of ten points across people, process, and technology dimensions
  • Diagnose performance issues and opportunities in five key insights
  • Analyze existing SOPs, guidelines, tools, and workstreams, including MLR inflows and outflows
  • Evaluate stakeholders’ understanding of roles and responsibilities
What you’ll get:

  • Report of findings
  • Action plan: recommendations summary and implementation roadmap

$47,500 per market/region  |  ≤ 8 weeks

Marketing Governance Framework

What is the company-wide position on marketing risk that your governance organization can unite behind? How will your framework lead marketing and MLR stakeholders towards unified decisions that support the brands’ and company’s best interests? How will you encourage, manage, and scale the safe use of new channels and platforms?

What we’ll do:

  • Establish a governance strategy, model, values, and remit
  • Identify governance board members, roles, and responsibilities
  • Define and write a charter and ways of working, including MLR inflows and outflows
  • Document processes for guidelines development, amendment, approval, and socialization
  • Support framework implementation and launch
What you’ll get:

  • Marketing Governance Framework

This engagement is best informed by a Marketing Governance Benchmarking & Action Plan.

$120,000  |  ≤ 16 weeks

Marketing Guidelines

Do your marketing and promotional review teams have clear, current guidance that supports unified decision-making about content development and activation? Do your marketing guidelines address boxed warnings, branded versus unbranded, and variable and modular content?

What we’ll do:

  • Partner with stakeholders to agree on and document company-wide guidelines for channels and activities (e.g., Social Media Influencer Engagement, Search, Rep-Triggered Emails, Correction of Misinformation, etc.)
  • First guidelines document – $45,000 | ≤ 16 weeks
  • Second and additional guidelines documents (within a continuous 12-month period) – $35,000 | ≤ 16 weeks
  • Revisions and updates to existing Hale-authored guidelines (per document) – $15,000 | ≤ 12 weeks
What you’ll get:

  • Guidelines document(s)

Marketing Governance Starter Pack

Includes the Marketing Governance Framework plus three Marketing Guidelines for your highest priority digital channels. Guidelines work can begin shortly after initiating the Framework workstream and proceed simultaneously.

What you’ll get:

  • Marketing Governance Framework
  • Three Guidelines documents

$220,000  |  ≤ 16 weeks + guidelines

Change Management Plan

How can you help stakeholders view marketing governance as an enabler of innovation? How do you raise awareness and educate teams about marketing guidelines, decisions, best practices, and innovations across brands and business units? What mechanisms exist to embed governance in the commercial marketing culture and sustain desired influencer and stakeholder behaviors despite chronic change?

What we’ll do:

  • Review and benchmark existing communication and training approach and materials
  • Assess standard set of three points across people, process, and technology dimensions
  • Diagnose performance issues and opportunities in five key insights
What you’ll get:

  • Report of findings
  • Action plan: summary of communication and training recommendations and implementation roadmap

$55,000  |  ≤ 12 weeks

Training & Upskilling for Team Readiness

Are cross-functional teams knowledgeable and competent in marketing innovations such as omnichannel, modular content, generative AI, and new channels? Do you have up-to-date, role-specific training solutions on critical topics such as claims, modular content, or CFL? Does your onboarding program include marketing governance fundamentals, guidance, and process?

What we’ll do:

  • Create training on your chosen topic(s) in your preferred format
  • 10-minute interactive eModule training suitable for self-administration on a learning management system
  • 20-minute Q&A live webinar
  • 30 to 40-minute live or recorded presentation webinar
What you’ll get:

  • Self-administered eModule(s) or live/recorded webinar(s)

Pricing will vary based on project specifications. Non-English language translations are available upon request.

Starting at $25,000  |  ≤ 18 weeks