Carly Jo DiSarno

Account Director

I enjoy working with a lot of different people – marketing, legal, regulatory, privacy, strategy – and pulling everyone’s considerations together. I like to think I’m a good problem solver and I really enjoy working with a range of people to craft the right solutions. It’s all about teamwork and building a masterpiece with your partners.

And you can’t talk about teamwork without tipping your hat off to our team here at Hale. Our people are truly great and it’s such a pleasant place to work – the physical environment is beautiful yes, but also the company culture. It’s a great atmosphere.

Outside of work, I enjoy being outdoors – hiking, biking, etc. and being on the water. I have at least a dozen children’s books memorized. Sometimes I’ll do it when I’m bored just to challenge myself. I also rhyme all the time (and that rhymes – so you know it’s true!).

Headshot of Carly Jo DiSarno leaning on a brick wall with her hand in her pocket and smiling.