Josie Grant

Director of Finance

I love efficiency. Seriously! As the owner of several businesses throughout my life, my passion for creating efficient processes has always driven my success. I feel strongly that an efficient organization is better equipped for strategic resource allocation and utilization, factors crucial to any business’s success.

My motivation in life is identifying opportunities to become better: personally, professionally, and organizationally. I’m thankful to be a part of this amazing team. The company culture at Hale is a breath of fresh air that directly benefits its staff, as well as their clients. Inclusivity, flexibility, and a cutting-edge work environment, established well before the pandemic, encourage individual best work/life balance strategies without sacrificing the collaborative atmosphere. Hale Advisors is a place where innovation thrives.

When I’m not creating ways to be more efficient, you can find me singing with various bands throughout the Hudson Valley or in a play at a local theater house, where you can bet, I try to keep the entertainment efficient and effective, too!

Photo of Josie Grant sitting on dark blue couch, looking away from the camera, and smiling.